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Welcome to Crackpots Marine Supplies!

CRAYPOT SALE! The crayfish are running, and we've just unloaded a truckload of hardwearing, durable, light Katipo craypots, complete with all componentry.

If you’re after craypots, you’ve come to the right place!

But Crackpots is a lot more than just craypots – we've got ropes, nets, traps, floats and more, and we supply to both commercial and recreational fishers as well as tackle shops and the aquaculture industry.

Our product range includes:

Looking for netting or made-to-order nets?

Whatever kind of fish you're after, we have a net to suit:

  • Trap, gill, haul, set and drop nets
  • deep sea crab nets
  • barramundi/salmon nets
  • yabbie traps
  • and more – click here to find out about our full range of fishing nets.

If we haven’t got it, we can get it for you!

We also supply products to a number of aquaculture industries, including mussel, pearl oyster and freshwater crayfish farms. 

Contact us to find out more. 


Looking for rural supplies? Click here.